• Statement: The longest serving Captain recently settled his lawsuit for discrimination against the City for $2.3 Million.
    • Multiple Sources including the Los Angeles Times – November 30, 2018:
      • A Beverly Hills Police Department Captain who said he was effectively stripped of his responsibilities and rank because of his age and religion — agreed to settle his lawsuit against the city and its police chief for $2.3-million. Capt. Mark Rosen said in legal filings his role in the department was marginalized after he and other officers allegedly heard Police Chief Sandra Spagnoli make insensitive remarks about Jews, Catholics, and lesbians. Rosen cleared out his desk Friday and agreed to retire immediately. “The City of Beverly Hills has agreed to pay 2.3 million dollars based on our claims of discrimination and retaliation, and based on the evidence that I have seen it was a bargain,” said Rosen’s attorney Bradley Gage. “The Police Department has significant issues concerning discrimination, harassment, and retaliation of its employees, which undermines public safety and employee morale.”
    • Note: The City of Beverly Hills has not posted this information on its website


  • Statement: Twenty-Two employees of all ages, ethnicities, religions, ranks, and sexual orientation have filed lawsuits or made complaints alleging workplace discrimination.  
    • Source – S. Doe lawsuit dated 1/8/19:
      • Since approximately December 2016 (less than two years) she has had 25 different complaints of discrimination, harassment or retaliation brought against her that the City Manager and Human Resources became aware of. The other claimants include but are not limited to (1) Clara C_; (2) Emma N_; (3) Mark Rosen; (4) Anne Lunsman; (5) Tania Schwartz; (6) Ren Moreno; (7) Shan Davis; (8) Michael Foxen; (9) David Brandon; (10) Lisa Weller (11) Sue F _ ; (12) Mercedes Young; (13) Ariel Garia (14) Marc Axelrod; (15) Clark Fogg; (16-20) four African American TCO’s whose names are not presently known (21 – 25) four other confidential complainants. (26) S. Doe. Of these 26 individuals, those at (3)-(10) and (12)-(14) have filed suits. Those at (15-19) are believed to have filed suit and based on information and belief, have filed lawsuits.



  • Statement: The morale in the police department has been affected.  Trust and communications between employees and department leadership have deteriorated.
  • Source: The Management Partners report dated July, 2018 which was submitted to City Council states:


  • …the misunderstanding that can result from these practices has led to an erosion of trust in the promotional process and the interviews we conducted indicate that is has affected morale.” (page 8).
  • ..this perceived lack of communication impacts the level of trust in the department. We heard that communication up the chain of command is also constrained because employees are afraid they will not get promoted or be given special assignments.” (Page 13)

Beverly Hills Police Chief Responds to Department Crisis

In response to www.BHPDCrisis.com, Chief Sandra Spagnoli released a terse video message to tell residents “all is well in the Department.” The video, most likely written and produced by the public relations and crisis management firm hired by the Beverly Hills City Council fails to address the multitude of accusations against her which have created a crisis in the BHPD.  Here is the reality:

  • Over 20 members of the Beverly Hills Police Department have current lawsuits against Police Chief or the City.
  • A statement from the Mayor says Chief Spagnoli was “hired to make change.”  The “real change” are the actual dollars being used to settle lawsuits against the Chief and the City, rather than being used to make our community safe.
  • Beverly Hills recently paid $2.3 million to settle a lawsuit against Chief Spagnoli which alleged anti-Semitism and age discrimination by her.
  • Disturbing news about the Chief keeps appearing, as evidenced by a new article asking Is the Beverly Hills Police Chief a homophobe?

The scripted video response by Chief Spagnoli to the troubling allegations includes statements such as “We are on the right track” and “morale is strong.”  The Chief is desperate to explain how the Department is not in crisis when it clearly is. Her pronouncements are now the leading contenders for “biggest understatements of 2019.”

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